20 QUESTIONS WITH… Morgan Ferrua (If I Die Today)

01 The new album “Cursed” is finally out. Your first impression? Are you fully satisfied?! I am fully satisfied. For the very first time in my life I love every song. Lyrics and music are melted perfectly and all the songs flow like a black river. It really makes me proud, this is the true If I Die Today essence with no compromises. This is the music we wanna play on stage.

02 Are you a difficult person to work with? No, I don’t. I usually respect everyone. I always have a lot of ideas and I like to experiment with gear, texture solutions, drum patterns. The only situation I have fights is when people around me are too lazy to stay focused or complaining.

03 Have you ever made any enemies along the way? I hope so. It means I did some good stuff.

04 What’s the most hilarious thing you’ve witnessed during your time in the band? Maybe Sum41 singer Deryck having a shower.


05 What’s the hardest part of the lifestyle you’ve chosen? There are no hardest parts in musicians’ lifestyle, if you love it.

06 Is there a song you’re most proud of writing and why? You know, during the songwriting process every one of us is committed, so I will say that I’m proud of the whole new album, because it represents a new era in IIDT music. Btw I wrote some good shit with my previous band too and I am proud of that because I was very young metalhead.

07 What are your personal ambitions? My ambition is that one day I’ll have time enough to learn to play other instruments and different styles of music.

08 And about the band? I’d like to continue to perform for the rest of my life.

09 What albums would you take to a desert island? ”Jane Doe” by Converge when I wake up, “Leviathan” by Mastodon during the day, “Ex Lives” by Everytime I Die in the evening and “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath for the other occasions!

10 What band would you like to see split up and which would you like to see re-form? In this period a lot of band are reforming, but I’d like to see reform The Chariot band. I’d like to see those crazy guys perform together again. Instead I’d like to see split-up… Slayer: nothing is the same without Jeff.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTji8oRYT0M [/youtube]

11 What do you take with you when you are in tour?
For sure my Jazz Basses and, well, I think some black t-shirts and some distressed jeans, a hoodie, my smartphone with my music on and a teeth brush. But I won’t never leave home my jeans made jacket and 3 or 4 beanies. Another must have is the hair spray. I feel naked without.

12 What does the band do to kill time when you’re on the road? Drinking beer is a very popular activity in If I Die Today’s crew. Chilling out after some hours on the van seat listening to personal Ipods or meeting people in the venues. We are particularly active on socials too.

13 Do you collect something? Vintage music stomp boxes and instruments. I have around 100 vintage pedals. Btw I’m attracted by vintage stuff in general, cars, bikes. I have an old BMW motorcycle from the 70′ that makes me happy every time I look at her. Her name is “Blue Doll”.

14 What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up? Because I travel a lot also in my private, I try to figure out where I am! The second thing when I’m on tour is: where are my Aspirins?


15 Talk to me about your new album “Cursed”. Which is the best and the worst thing of the new stuff?
As I said before, I really love this album. I think that the best thing is the mix between the styles I love: you can ear Hard Core, Metal, sludge and even doomish riffs. And it sounds homogenic. The worst thing is that it’s a little bit too short.

16 Personally I think the new shit is absolutely amazing. The dark side of the music biz probably. Why this type of approach and why this rage for religion?
Thank you, glad you like the new shit. The incubation time of this album has been so long, about two years. During this period we have had every sort of issue, some very though to exceed. We were so sick about everything and so angry, that the songs came out in a different way: the riffs were so dark, the atmosphere became insane, the lyrics so black. We absolutely didn’t planned this, but it just happened. The first song, for example, is called Jesus and, as the other songs, is about a damned character. Jesus does not understand his reality and what is going on in the skies. So he react in a very human way to those injuries. Any religion converted humanity to slavery. Humanity doesn’t deserve to be enslaved anymore.

17 “Cursed”, what do you mean with this title?
“Cursed” is a concept album: all the songs have, as the main theme, characters with a cursed life. The inspiration comes out from literature, history and even from the Bible. We found interesting to talk about controversial personalities, I will say damned somehow. They were all trapped by a damn reality into a cursed existence…not so far from what is happening to all of us.

18 Favourite alcoholic drink? We are addicted to Amaretto di Saronno, which is an Italian liquor and Leffe beer… Maybe mixed are good, too…

19 Who would you most like to have a drink with? I’d like to have a couple of Jaeger-bombs with Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead. It could be funny, I guess.

20 Album you would like to be played at your funeral?
Maybe “The power of failing” by Mineral. It has the right mood for a funeral, isn’t it?

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