A brief glance skateboard mag

Fresh air flows into the Italian skateboarding panorama: two names uber-well known in the skate scene since a long long time decided to gave a new perspective of skateboarding through their eyes and words.

The name of the project is A brief Glance and all what you need to get it is gettin’ on abriefglance.com and read, download or print one of the two issues already out and posted.

The guys behind the project are Davide Biondani and Guido Bendotti and I decided to let their own words to describe their relative skateboard career:

Davide Biondani is a photographer from Italy, he started skating in 1988 and shooting skateboarding around 1993 when he started contributing to “XXX skateboard mag”, the main Italian skateboard mag at that time.
Since then he has been skating and shooting photos for magazines and companies around the world, publishing his work in European and international magazines such as: Thrasher (USA); Sidewalk Surfer (UK); TWS Skateboarding (USA); Place (Ger); Kingpin (EU); Skateboarder (USA); The Skateboarder’s Journal (Australia).
From 2001 he worked for nine years as main photographer and editor for 6:00am skateboard magazine. In the meanwhile he completed his university education, he traveled a lot around the world, he designed casual clothing and did experiment new fields of photography.
He started a brief glance at the beginning of 2010.

Guido Bendotti is a skateboarder from Italy, he started skating in 1987 and still skates, almost everyday. He has traveled the world just to follow his passion and try to land some trick in a nice place. Guido is like a living skateboarding encyclopedia; for years he has written for many magazines and he is one of the minds (and hands) behind the Knodel Bowl project.