A Deeper Shade of Blue

Jack McCoy is one of the most prolific movie makers in the surfing world. While he is probably best known for his series of Billabong movies that include Bunyip Dreaming, The Green Iguana, the Challenge series and Blue Horizon, his credits go back to the mid 1970s and include two dozen movies, bringing to the world everything from the original Coolie Kids blazing the Queensland Points to Laird Hamilton changing the word of extreme surfing with his Millennium Wave in 2001.

And then Jack showed the opening sequence to A Deeper Shade of Blue, his 25th film on surfing. When McCoy was asked to describe his latest surf movie, he said, “It’s not a surf movie. It’s a film about surfing and the evolution of the surfboard and all the people who dreamed about creating culture or riding waves in all their fascinating forms.”

In eleven interwoven chapters, today’s leading surfers are linked to those who came before, for a deeper appreciation of what it means to be a surfer and the soulful underlying power of modern surf culture. This is a big picture of a memorable story, beautifully told. It is a film about feeling good to be alive… and it will make you feel good.

Here the trailer. For more info: www.adeepershadeofblue.com.