A Guide to Action & Adventure Sports Photography

From how award-winning shots changed their lives to how to brave the elements, the brand new ‘Guide to Action and Adventure Sports Photography’ brings together some of the biggest Red Bull Illume names to talk about their experiences, their rise to fame within their field and what Red Bull Illume has meant for them.


Chris Burkard, Morgan Maassen, Clark Fyans and Krystle Wright are all part of elite group of action and adventure sports photographers that have joined the ranks of Red Bull Illume winners.

If you’re looking to get valuable insights into the life of these photographers, how Red Bull Illume has impacted their careers and how they approach the art of storytelling, make sure to check out the ‘Guide to Action and Adventure Sports Photography’ brought to you by PhotoShelter.

For the gear heads – photographers talk about what gear they carry with them, but also how to tackle the elements, from freezing temperatures in the Arctic to the scorching heat of the Sahara.

Download A Guide to Action & Adventure Sports Photography here.


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