A horse in the garage

It’s understood since such a space was created…the garage. The origin of this word is unknown ( for me, at least ): greek, latin, celtic? Science has not been able to prove yet why the more people fill it with stuff, the more there’s space left to fill with other stuff.
From my side, after closing in 3 closets, 2 mattresses and related nettings, a steel bookcase, a table, a shelf, 3 bikes, 2 snowboards, a whole bag of useless hangers, 2 road signs pointing to a mental hospital, a vacuum cleaner, thousand of glasses,I’d be the happiest human being in the world if I could lay meters and meters of hay and let a horse live in, my favourite would be a horse, preferably black, high and proud in its shining coat. What’s better than sleeping with it and teddy-bear during the winter nights, to have company keeping nightmares far away?
Of course, I should teach it riding without bit, as animals have not to be violated in anyway…if I’m good, in a few months you could see me riding free jumping drains in the country.
All comes from my father, who someday when I was very young and innocent brought me to the livestock market,  showed all the horses tightened together, let me choose the most beautiful and quietest ( it was white and had very sad eyes ), promised me to buy it for me, than brought me to the slaughter section, and while he was happily chatting with his veterinary friend, I stood motionless in front of a just killed cow, its 4 paws tightened at 4 corners, head down and open stomach, a little like Jesus on the cross, lots of blood streams approaching my pumps. I’ m afraid my white horse met the same fate.
Since then, my desire is saving at least one of them, because of him, I don’t ride anymore ( damn!). And if e the garage height wasn’t high enough, I would let it stay in the thub.