A Look At Trestles

People are what make up a place and an event. Everyone has their own look, their own story, and their own way of doing things. Utilizing a portrait style of shooting, Korduroy’s Erik Derman gives us an outsiders look into the scene at the 2011 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles.


Below is a quick interview with Erik to get some insight into this new project he has taken on:

Q: Tell us a little about your project. How did it come about?

A: Just being interested in humanity. Humans…there are some classic humans out there. And everyone has a story. On some recent travels, I’ve been getting portrait style video. Pushing in and focusing on the crispness of the person’s pupil to try and tell a story through my subject’s eyes.

Q:Where have you shot so far?

A: I started in Puerto Escondido, cruising through town with Derek Dunfee, finding interesting characters. He was shooting stills and I was shooting video. The outcome was great and it really inspired me to go on another path. So far I have shot in downtown San Diego, Nicaragua, Mexico and Panama.

Q: How have people’s reactions been to the camera? Did this generally change from location to location?

A: Some people are shy, some people love it and others hate it. It just depends on the person I guess. There is a wall people put up, out in public. It’s weird. So breaking that wall for that moment to capture their story within a few seconds, that’s the goal… Some people had heavy stories to share others were just day to day living.

Q: What makes you decide to shoot with somebody?

A: I just see people I find interesting, some have unique features, I don’t know…

Q: What has doing these video portraits taught you about the general vibe of each place you’ve shot?

A: This has taught me to put my guard down and project relaxation and happiness. Some of the areas are pretty sketchy for cameras. I just try to put myself into funny scenarios and be comfortable with the worst that could happen. I’ve approached a couple heavy gang members or banditos with my camera hanging out like some kooky tourist and more often than not they turn out to be really nice people. And I haven’t lost my camera yet so it’s all good.

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Erik Derman

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