a new season of the PIRATE LOGS has already started

Every friday until new years you can expect stories about making a snowboard movie as well as unseen action footage – weekly PirateLog video episodes about our season filming for “Bottom Line” that are free and ready to be embedded into your page!

The first edit is all about shooting urban Snowboarding in a city that usually never has snow > Jönköping, in the south of Sweden. It is also the home of Chris Sörman, who is back on the PMP boat. He was hosting the crew featuring Kalle Ohlson and Hans Ahlund who were pumped to get shots.

This week’s Pirate Log is all about the mecca of urban snowboarding in Europe – Stockholm. It was Erik Botner,Danny Larsen and Teo Konttinen that joined the search for urban spots without much effort behind. The conditions were epic, the spots looked promising and even Botner was on it to shovel, right? See for yourself how his definition of getting something done in this cold jibbing wonderland looks like!

This week’s PirateLog is all about Cooke City. In 2008 we fell in love with this tiny village that is situated right next to the Yellow Stone National Park! It was Justin, our North American filmer that introduced us to this spot back then and eventually was guiding the crew consisting of TylerStian and Marco through the wilderness this last season. Marco was leading the hard working crew by pushing the others with his motivation, commitment and skills. And that’s good for everyone, including you! Stay tuned for Part 2.


Here we go with the PirateLog #4 Cooke City #2 with Tyler and Marco. Find out about the second best thing in the world after flying…