A sport called Ruzzola

Does everybody tell you you can’t reach goods results in any sport? Do you feel uncomfortable with any multicoloured hitech sport equipment on? Are you afraid of hurting? Do you think you have not the right age anymore for practising even the simplest sport, even fishing (because of dump which would damage your already serious aches?)  Well, Ruzzola is your sport, better than frills, better than playing cards, but not for ladies, just for braves.
It’s a quite old and traditional activity, started by Etruscans, tipically coming from northern Apennines regions.
It consists in a wooden disk ( in case you didn’t find it, you could easily use a seasoned Parmisan cheese form, if you are able to overcome the angry farmer defending the forms with a rifle and his devoted caucasian wolf) tightened in a string and pooled along a track keeping one of the two string ends in the hand, so that the disc can gain more speed and reach the finishing line wth as few launchings as possible.
So you might wonder “what’s attracting in this let’s-call-it-sport?”
First: this is a sport to play with daylight, more appreciated would be holidays, when the whole population feels the undeniable instinct to move wherever.
Second: before any session, every team member has to get as many wine glasses as possible to be credited in the match … if you don’t like wine, the choice can be made among: grappa, vodka, nocino, forest fruitrs’ spirits.
Third: the street is your pit.  Mostly mountain roads, those who drive to the resorts and winter/summer plants.
Fourth: the uniform consists in a jacket reinforced inside with sheep’s coat, flannel squared shirt, greasy hoses and work muddy shoes, ruffled hair, red nose (not due to cold).
And when the play begins, teams bloody fight to gain the victory, not to be run over by milk trucks (that never stop working, even during the weekends ) and vehicles of unaware tourists, to follow the white lines on the road sides (possibly, not the central one), to hit with the disc as many cars bonnets as possible. The daily prize consists in coming back home sane and safe, not spending the night trying to pull the disc down from the tree where it misteriously landed, steadily merry and drunk.