Aaaahhh, team sports!

Even the dummiest children know it: team sports are the best.
They are great, because they make them smarter, since they are puppies they learn to interact with other underaged, with whom they can eventually grow up sharing experiences, troubles, boyfriends or girlfriends.
They make them learn tactics, they make them stay outside, they shape the body, they let them show their abilities and peculiarities,  make them much stronger and let them learn unpretensiousness.  Mostly when they realize that, during a match, they are the only who suck  and make the wrongs moves ( yes, because in team sports they learn that, someday, it’s just the wrong day for playing, and they can’t do anything for avoiding it ). Mostly when the coach will never choose them, as the official team will be usually composed by: the nicest, the most humorous, the strongest, the one who followed the coach ( and not the team ) since the birth, the laziest but only god knows how he/she can always save the point, and so on, to the reserves ( among whom they will alway flow, and of which they will always be the last ). But that’s  because the coach wants them to learn that in life they can’t always have what they want. Mostly when they’ll have to deal with jenas ready to anything for playing, to make them accidentally fall and break an ankle, in case.

Mostly when, while they’ll be waiting outside the pit praying for their coach to let them play just one point or one goal, the above mentioned jena playing most of the time called out of the pit for resting, will curse the coach for such insolence.
Tactics, intead, are good to achieve in life, as life itself is team sport, mostly during the working time, when they will live besides people whose only ambition is reaching h.18,00 to go and play videopoker, who want to have a better pay, a more fashionable car than theirs, and maybe their wife/husband too, who will do anything to make them seem idiot monkeys, so that they will obtain their newer desk.
did I finally convince you to play single tennis and bowls? Team sports suck.