Absinthe Neverland Teaser

Absinthe in snowboarding means Backcountry godness. There aren’t enough words to describe ’em, but the official ones will give you am hint to realize how huge the final work will be: Neverland is a state of mind, a mountain pushed up from the ground by imagination. Anyone can go but most people have trouble with the simple directions: Follow your dreams.

This winter Absinthe dropped down the rabbit hole to explore this elusive place and brought back some mind bending tales and a pocketful of surprises. Travis Rice, Dan Brisse, Bode Merrill, Nicolas Müller, Sylvain Bourbousson, JP Solberg, Romain deMarchi, DCP, Marc Frank Montoya, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Jules Reymond, Wille Yli-Luoma, Cale Zima, Phil Damianakes, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Kevin Pearce, Eero Ettala, Gigi Rüf and the rest of the Lost Boys continued down the road less traveled and explored some new possibilities during a winter that saw the progression of snowboarding take some giant strides. This place has everything… come on, I show you.


Neverland is entirely filmed in HD 16 mm by the masterminds of Patrick Ambruster and Justin Hostynek.