Once a year, explorers, mountaineers, great travelers and adventurers will meet all together at the Adventure Awards, to share stories, experiences and passions: from the 27th of July till the 2nd of August, back in Livigno (SO), the third edition of the international festival of adventure and exploration.

Adventure Awards Days is not an extreme sports event: it’s rather an event full of passion that leads to living life to the fullest and to have the desire to try something new.


Seven days of meetings, workshops, performances, training camps and movies during which the most passionate will have the opportunity to get to know the protagonists of the outdoor world, and the curious ones will be able to test their skills, learning something new or experimenting the thrill of an experience in the heart of nature.

What’s new in this edition is BAM!, the european Bicycle Adventure Meeting, a meeting of all those who choose the bicycle as a means to travel and explore.

The festival will take place in the center of the city and in the heart of the wilderness that surrounds it, till over 3000 meters.

The detailed program of the event, the booking forms and all the informations needed are available on