Alessandro Barbero rules the Fise Experience

The Fise Experience ended its journey with the last stage in Toulouse last weekend,  the only event taking place in the indoor “Parc des expositions”. JB Peytavit got first, followed by Georgy Doremus and Maxime Bonfil.

Not enough to become the king of Fise Experience Tour, conquered by Alessandro Barbero who got a leg up on everybody, despite he didn’t take part to the Toulouse event.  He totally gained 3000 points and can come back home with his brand new Fiat Qubo, while JB Peytavit just reached 2.650.
Wanna see some pics of the Toulouse contest? Just click here.


Stay ready, ’cause in February 2010 the Fise Experience Tour will start again in Paris.
And don’t forget the Fise in Montpellier, from 12th to 16th May 2010. Missing it would be a mortal sin.