All We Together project – Trial video

The three top Czech trial riders on different machines, but with just one trials heart combined their ideas into an unique trial project called ALL WE TOGETHER. Three machines, three riders and three nights full of filming in one hall. It all created this short video, showing the strength of the Czech trial.


Martin Matejicek, 17 years old guy who rides a trials motorcycle is one of the top 10 world trials riders on 125. Vasek Kolar, 21-years old biketrial rider has been five-times world champion and world vicechampion in Elite category in 2012. The unicycle took 23 years old Adam Gerza. He has been one of the best unicycle riders in Europe.

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camera: Jiri Fikejz, Martin Matejicek
edit: Martin Matejicek
music: Restless Leg Syndrome – Fiddle Dee Dee