Alta Via Stage Race is back!

Registration for the fifth edition of the international event Alta Via Stage Race are open. A 550 km-long course with 19,000 m of elevation gain between the Mediterranean sea and the Apennines, an exciting opportunity to experience Liguria region in the saddle of your mountain bike, participating in one of the most prestigious and spectacular stage-races around.


“The Stage Race experience brings out the urge to accept the challenge, to do your best, not to give up until the end. After the days of racing, I have often thought back to those moments and I still can recall people, views, places as much as the great food. Alta Via means much more than a sport competition, it has the whole Liguria inside. I really loved this race because it gives you the chance of challenging yourself and getting to know this region in whole, from East to West, in its most intimate details. For this reason as well, I am happy to recommend Alta Via Stage Race” Riccardo Serrato, 2015’s racer.


AVSR is a challenging race and a real endeavour to finish. However, stage after stage, it is able to leave a deep impression in the heart and soul of each participant, leaving a memory, a taste of this territory that is impossible to forget. The AVSR adventure puts a strain on the ‘combo’ rider/machine, not only from the physical point of view: intelligence and strategy can be critical. Each participant must be prepared to adapt to continuous environmental changes, to early wake-ups in a village with one hundred other people and to life in the midst of Nature, night and day. Once in the saddle, it is race time. Pushing hard is essential as much as facing the race with intelligence: staying focussed on navigation (with GPS and maps) and on properly managing energy levels.


From the Apennines of the La Spezia region, the race course reaches the pre-alpine domain of the Ligurian Alps in the province of Imperia, passing through places and landscapes of rare beauty between coast and hinterland.
Moving from East to West along the Ligurian mountains the landscape changes: the trails and the way of interpreting them need to change as well. From mule-tracks to long dirt roads, from descents carved into fresh rocks to single-tracks immersed in the mediterranean scrub…or even higher, on the ridges among green and steep meadows. Liguria has this all and AVSR takes the riders through each one of these environments.
Stage after stage, the real challenge for the riders is that of pacing themselves and managing the race at best, facing strong emotions, difficulties, fatigue, unexpected issues and intense moments of happiness. Moments to share once they reach the village.


The fifth edition has big news in store for what concerns the race course. The stages are still going to be tough and long, with great panoramas and good fun to ride, but the organizers are working to reduce the portage to only few sections needed to reach the tops and drop onto the other side of the mountains. The goal is to increase the fun and make the race course more rideable overall.


Stay tuned on the 1st of December and don’t miss your chance of entering the event with the Early Booking promotion.


Challenge yourself, defy your limits with Alta Via Stage Race.
“Only the brave”