Alvaro Dal Farra updates

It’s passed a month since my injury, and things are going better: my recovery is fast, i’m getting better every single day, now i’m calm and I really want to reset myself at 100%. It will not be so easy and fast, but i’m not worried: i want to do a good work and i’ll do my best.

In these bad times many of yours took care about me and stood close to me, my family and my girlfriend. Your toughts, prays and all were really important: i was very very happy to see how many people loves me; i was very amazed by your being so close to me, I realized how many good friends there are around me.

I received your messages in a lot of different ways: TV, web, social networks, litters, phone calls, sms, prays and many other ways. All this touched me deeply, i want to thank you a lot for all you did for me. It was very important to me, and it’s important to know that there are so many people that love me and whom i can’t disappoint. I would like to say thanks to all of you one by one, but you’re really a lot and I wouldn’t forget somebody.

Thanks again, for the strenght you gave and you give us.

Your friend Alvaro