Alvaro Marvels In Geneva

Two great days for Alvaro that dazes in Geneva putting almost everybody
in line from just the 1st evening. On Friday the only one still ahead
has been the swiss Mat Rebaud that scored 1st place, but just behind
there’s Alve scoring a great qualifying run and a perfect final run
gaining second place! Following American Tod Potter fresh from bronze
medal at X Games, Ronnie Renner, Basty Wolter, Kris Borch, Thamer
Engaly, Bernard Corvon.

On the second evening show he placed forth and did a position swap with
Basty Wolter and Potter, while Rebaud, town idol, scores again first place!

The event has big many follower in whole Europe thanks to the live
stream of Eurosport and a fulfilled arena for two evenings of big
success and great show.

Next appointment for Alvaro will be in Bologna on 7 8 9 of December for
the Motor Show.