Andreu Lacondeguy does it his way

I want bigger jumps”- everybody in the mountain bike scene probably has heard these words out of Andreu’s mouth. The 21 years old Kona Clump Team rider built the jumps he has been longing for by himself, exclusively for the We Are Family #2 film that covers the best Spanish and some European big names of different action sports. Get a glimpse of the huge airtime and tricks you can expect.

Andreu is sick off all these small jumps and obstacles: “We are riding mountain bikes, not BMX. So why are the jumps at most contests built like we are on 20 inch bikes?” Even though Andreu does ride on a BMX from time to time as well, he wants the jumps big as soon as he sits on his mountain bike. Andreu has a strong background in downhill racing as well as Freestyle Motocross.

He just wants a lot of airtime. This year, the 2008 Kokanee Crankworx Whistler Slopestyle champion and 2009 best trick winner concentrates only on international competitions that at least cover his personal minimum concerning the size of the jumps – like the 26TRIX in Leogang. In addition Andreu plans to ride this year’s Red Bull Rampage.

So what did Andreu do all season long? He rode a lot and progressed a lot. Not only dirt jump spots, but he was also riding downhill, Cross Country, BMX or his motorbike. On top he founded BLACK MEDIA together with his friends Sebas Romero (a well-known action sports and lifestyle photographer), Pablo Moreno (a freelance editor, photographer and freerider), as well as Mito and Javi Echevarria, the producers and masterminds behind the first We Are Family film.

To lift the second edition of this unique multi sports video to a new level, the BLACK MEDIA crew built a special set up only for the video shooting with Andreu at La Fenasosa, near the city of Alicante in Spain. It consisted of three jumps, a step down to get the proper speed, a very long distance jump (over 20 meters / 60feet) as well as a huge double (12 meters/35ft.) with a FMX launch ramp and an almost 4 meters (over 12ft) high dirt landing. Which tricks he pulled on these jumps cannot be revealed yet. You will have to wait for the official premiere of the We Are Family #2 film.

Photos by S. Romero, courtesy of Rasoulution.