Annecy 2013 2nd CISM World Winter Games

Held over 5 full days last month, the CISM International Military Sports Council World Winter Games proved to be a huge success with military sportspeople all over the world, with France taking the lead with 12 gold medals. The World Military Games have been held annually since 1995, but the recent addition of winter games only came about in March of 2010 and with its second games completed, it has established itself as a prestigious sporting event.

CISM World Winter Games Taking a Lead from the Winter Olympics
March 25th-29th 2013 saw the 2nd World Winter Games from the Military Sports Council and was held in Chamonix in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, the same site of the first ever Winter Olympics back in 1924.


Being held in the very place that gave birth to the Winter Olympics was something of great meaning to the military sports men and women across the globe. The event provided us with a great opportunity to recognise the talents and physical demands of working in the military.

The incredible opening ceremony offered music, dance and drama, with the explosive addition of firework displays, with the famous Chamonix-Blanc backdrop. The opening dance routines featured a winter sports theme, revealing the true diversity of the sporting activities.

Military sports personalities competed in events such as climbing, ski orienteering, speed skating, short track, Alpine skiing, mountaineering and cross country. Many of the champions were those working in the military or of a military background. Some recognised attendees included Switzerland’s Olympic cross country ski champion Dario Cologna, Italy’s Olympic Slalom champion Giuliano Razzoli and Norway’s world biathlon champ Lars Berger.

In the end, France topped the leader board with 12 gold medals, followed by Italy (11 gold medals), Switzerland (5 gold medals), Russia (4 gold v), Austria (2 gold medals) and China (2 gold medals).

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