Aosta Valley Freeride

After more than 10 years of riding in Aosta Valley, summer and winter, Massimo Ferro and Fabrizio Troilo have dedicated this website to the people who share the love for snowboarding and mountain biking in these amazing mountains.

These are the guys behind the project:

Massimo Ferro
“My name is Massimo Ferro, I was born and I raised in the Valle d’Aosta. My biggest passion is snowboarding and I began doing it 1994. This passion has become my job, first as a professional athlete since 2001 and subsequently integrated becoming an instructor of this discipline.
My passion for cycling was born in ’97 with the purchase of my first mountain bike , but in those years a few details like the tight-fitting clothing and SPD pedals were a bit in contrast with my view of fun riding so that was just a sport and not much fun …
In 2007 convinced by some friends I bought my first downhill bike and finally found the rightful place within the world of two wheels: suspension and disk brakes, flat pedals and no more uncomfortable clothing. Riding freeride makes me still feel a little like during a descent with my snowboard!”

Fabrizio Troilo
“I was born in Aosta in 1981 and I feel really lucky growing up in the mountains. During the years I travelled around studying and working, being away from my home mountains made me realize how magic this place is. Now I am so happy and proud being back living here where I really feel the need for making people to appreciate and understand the great environment that we have here and how amazing the riding is all year round.”

Luca Benedet
“Hello folks! I am Luca Benedet, 25 years-young. I am a photographer, I ski, cycle, play the drums and I am a very lucky guy because my friends are Ciccio and Bubba. Always determined and getting hyped. I also work with many Italian snowboard and mountain bike magazines.
I created my own blog check it out here. You can also find me here, a blog in collaboration with some friends.
Sorry, I cannot stand sitting in front of my monitor anymore, it makes me feel sick..
Ride deep babies and respect the mountains!”

Francois Domaine
“Hi! I’m Francois and biking and mountains are my life. During the day I am a RN, at night I walk through the snow to find the best white-powder covered spots. Listening to the silence of the mountains is just for a few lucky people. When possible bring your snowboard or bike and go away from the grey colors of the city and with a kick-ass hardcore song, the ride is even sweeter… breathe the life! Breathe the mountains and stay HC!”

Fabien Gontier
“Hi dudes! I am Fabien Gontier, 18 years. I was born in Aosta Valley and this is my land, my passion is the spirit of the mountains, snowboarding and mountain biking is the way in which i live this passion. Thank you Mr. Bubba and Mr. Ciccio for all the days spent in the mountains together.
P.S. When i grow up i want to be a spaceman.”

From December to May Aosta Valley Freeride organize freeride tours on the swiss mountains nearby the Aosta Valley border. That is quite an experience, because you reach the summit with a special plane fitted with skis for landing on high glaciers.

They know tons of hidden spots in Aosta Valley and can still find powder runs many days after a snowfall; Massimo is a qualified international snowboard instructor with a big experience in freeriding, he even participated in the Freeride World Qualifier Tour competitions, and can take you anywhere safely.

Ever tryied a Split-Board? Basically you climb up as if you had backcountry skis fitted with skins and then the skis click up togheter with a magic trick and you can enjoy your powder turns down the mountain on a real high performance snowboard.

Aosta Valley Freeride rent them and can bring you touring all around the valley in superb and untouched spots!
They also organize tours on full moon nights.

During the summer Aosta Valley Freeride organize Helibiking from Pila to Vétan with an amazing freeride descent until Aosta. Be sure to take part!
From september to november and from april to june they organize shuttle runs for every one that wants to ride in every season.

Take a tour on right now!