aostavalleyfreeride X vdamonamour episode one: white emotions


This season the snow arrived very late, so we had to wait until the 1st of February to get the chance to ride powder in the woods of La Thuile.

We had been checking the weather for some days, and then finally we saw that a big storm was going to hit the Mont Blanc area from north and reach La Thuile as well, with abundant snowfalls.
The dream came true! On Friday some old friends, all ex professional snowboard riders, contacted us to know if we would be out riding in the weekend; they also had seen that a lot of snow was falling in La Thuile and they wanted to enjoy it after having been surfing for one day in Finale Ligure.

That would be the perfect combo! Enough said, on Sunday we all were on the first gondola up the woods of La Thuile, sticking our faces on the windows to check out how much snow there really was, and the more we would go up, the more our smiles would grow! We couldn’t wait to get inside those magic woods, a real natural playground where you can lay down turns, jump rocks, trees and bushes all covered up in snow.

The choice of riding in the woods was done because it was still snowing on the top part of the slopes, with low visibility and strong winds as well. To our big surprise we noticed a blue patch of sky above our heads, giving visibility back on the whole resort.

Minutes after getting on the “Chaz Dura Express” chairlift we were on the start of the “Elliot” couloir, where we rode it very quickly before the weather would close in again. Once having ridden it, the sky was all cloudy again.
Not too bad, we were again inside the woods where we rode different lines all day, until our legs could not take it anymore. We felt absolutely destroyed at the end of such a big day of riding, but when we stopped, we still wanted so bad to keep riding those magical woods!

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