Arbitrary Pear – Crapneto

Behind gotta brand new friend! We’re talkin’ about Mikee HK and his crapneto fellowes. We liked so much their stuff that we felt in need to ask ’em their collaboration. They let us put their videos and articles on behind, et voila’:here we go! From Mikee very own words:

“Huzzah! I just checked. We haven’t posted anything since March 14th. But why would we have? Those guys that still live up in Whistler don’t film or do anything other than ride by themselves in the park and sit at Mogul’s for hours on end waxing intellectual and judging every single passerby. Oh, except… once a year, every year, on a magical weekend up in the small remote forest town of Whistler, Robjn “Toby!” Taylor dusts off his life camera to make a run at the 72 hour Film Festival. A lovely little film festival hosted by all kinds of do-good companies with slogans like, “If this were a communist country, we wouldn’t have events like these!” Give it up for democracy, kids! Because if this were a communist country, you wouldn’t have websites like this! … That post once every few months… If that.

To each according to his needs, from each according to his ability! Now I bring you a video for the people, by the people! Arbitrarily Pear!

Arbitrary that the pear is red? Perhaps!

P.S. Oh yeah… It also won the festival. See you next year, Toby!

Mikee HK.”