Arnette Color Refresh

Don’t we need a little change after all these sunshiny days? No, of course we’re not talking about the weather but there might be an urge for a little alternation regarding the color way of your favorite sunglasses!

A tiny bit later than the meteorological beginning of summer 2011 Arnette is proudly presenting to you three of the most popular models of the established Arnette collection in new, fresh colors.

Don’t ask how we came up with that name. Let’s say that it might be a positive association with missed classes at school. After all, putting the Fire Drill on your nose is at least as good as „No maths class!“.
After undergoing a “color refreshing” the Fire Drill 2011 is now available in fancy Navy Blue Pearl with white temple color way and in Ice Blue with transparent temple and blue mirrored lenses.

The Fire Drill is still offered in numerous different color ways: Red Transparent / Grey; Transparent / Grey with aquamarine-transparent temple; Brown Gradient / Polar Brown Gradient; Gloss Black / Polarized Grey Gradient with red temple; Gloss Black / Grey; White / Grey with violet temple. For 79 € with normal lenses or 109 € for the polarized version.

May we introduce: the Venkman. This is more or less the bigger, more muscular and even more laddish cousin of the Blues Brothers sunnies. This cousin is always driving the car with the bigger rims and gets the girls with the bigger… eyes. This is a member of the Arnette family that you just can’t resist – and temptation is even harder to fight with these two new color ways. That’s why pro skater Willy Santos rolls with his Venkman all day every day.

From now on the Venkman is available in the all new Dark Brown & Tan color way with brown lenses and in Ice Blue with transparent temple and blue mirrored lenses.
The following colors are still available: Matte Black / Grey; Gloss Black / Polar Grey; Gloss Black / Grey; Transparent Dark Blue / Grey; Striped Havana / Polar Brown; Gloss Black, White Stems / Grey for 88 € with normal lenses and 118 € with polarized ones.

Sunglasses have power. Enormous power. Wrongly ignored by science so far, it is a fact that sunglasses can transform you: into an asshole, a coooool dude, a snob or just into a person with very good taste! Choosing the right sunnies is a decision that should not be made lightly, it is at least as important as choosing the right underwear. If the first decision is already the wrong one then chances are very very slim that you will get to second base where the other sex would cast their vote on your underwear. So better put the High Life on right away.

In addition you can also show off your fashion know-how, hide any dark circles under your eyes with the big lenses and still be so 2011. And this is exactly the same for girls!
The High Life is now available in Ice Blue with transparent temple and blue mirrored lenses and in Navy Blue Pearl with white temple.

And it is still offered in: Transparent Red / Grey; Violet / Grey; Gloss Black / Grey; Gloss Black / Polar Grey; Gloss White / Brown Mirror; Striped Havana / Polar Brown
All models of the High Life can be found at your local dealer for 84 € with normal lenses and for 118 € in the polarized version.

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