Arnette is back in the Motocross scene!

Everything started back in the days – the good old 90s. Arnette promise not to preach in the over and over returning of everything-was-better-back-in-the-days-tonality.
It just feels good to bring back a brand that is rooted in a time when progression has been a bit slower and idealism has been a little stronger but with the pace and style of 2011.

Arnette will never give up its belief that doing things your way is not only the right way, but the only way. Having fun with what you’re doing should always have maximum priority. We’re having fun coming up with both, motocross and snow goggle, so we’re doing it! Along with this new banger of a product we’re welcoming Adam Jones as the first professional ambassador who will take the Series 3MX™ to ride and travel the world with.

The Series 3MX™ will be available in 12 color ways worldwide at your local dealer from the 1st of September!


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