Art on snow 2009

The ARt on Snow 2009 in Kleinwalsertal started with a big bang last weekend

Responsible for that were the brilliant artists with their pieces and the many visitors as well as the great party on Saturday evening. But there are still many things to do and discover: all the week long until Saturday 19th Dec there are exhibitions, workshops, parties and much more.

Right on time for the start of the ARt on Snow the Kleinwalsertal got lots of fresh snow. Already on the first two days of the exhibitions more than 1000 visitors could assure themselves of the quality and variety of the artworks. The painting and photo workshops both were very coveted, too.

During the ARt on Snow the artists are by no means inactive: no matter if in a quiet room or as live performance, everyday new artworks are produced. Since Saturday Pawel Kozlowski aka Swanski has been painting on his large-sized canvas. On Tuesday, Dec 15th at 8 pm he will present his pieces at a vernissage at the Casino Kleinwalsertal. Be there, when he will enrol his canvas with a total expanse of 15 m2!

Exclusively for you the artists of the ARt on Snow will design some T-Shirts. You can win those if you tell us as creatively as possible what comes to your mind when you think of the ARt on Snow. No matter if texted, in poem, painted, drawn, funny, colourful, black-and-white or completely different – send us an email ( Until Saturday the most originally transmittals will be chosen and you will be contacted.

FUNK FOOD has invited the artists to design a model of sun glasses. Next year 33 pieces with a design of an ARt on Snow-artist will be produced.

DJ Dieter Funk himself was also productive at the ARt On Party on Saturday and together with the Hot Cheese Music Squad and many party-addicts they pulled an all-nighter. Till the early morning the start of the ARt on Snow has been celebrated in the right manner.

On the next Saturday we offer fresh party supply at the ARt Of(f) Party. The evening commences at 8 pm with two premieres of snowboard movies at the Walserhaus. At 10 pm we will get the party started and will dance to the beats of DJ Stamina and DJ Tigerstyle – hopefully with all of you!!

As you can see there are still lots of things to do at the ARt on Snow. You can get further information on or directly at the exhibitions at the Casino Kleinwalsertal and at the Walserhaus. See you soon!

aos09_01_artwork_hot cheese crew_72dpi
hot cheese crew work

aos09_02_artist_max lanzl_72dpi§
Max Lanzl

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Casie Graphics

aos09_04_artist_lorenz holder_72dpi
Lorenz Holder

Vorarlberg – The cradle of ski runs

Vorarlberg is a pioneering area for ski runs in the alpine region. Imaginative and courageous people have coined and shaped the winter sports landscape. Innovative heads and attentive hosts arrange the winter happenings of today and for the future.

Vorarlberg lies in the very west of Austria and is bordered by Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany. Due to its size, it is an enjoyable and easily travelled area. It is only 95 kilometres from North to South, from Lake Constance through to Arlberg.  The cities and villages skilfully unite modern trends with the traditions of the past.

For over 100 years all kinds of winter sports have played an important role in Vorarlberg. Vorarlberg’s ski schools and ski clubs are counted amongst the oldest in the world. The ski areas of today offer every comfort: from immaculately prepared ski runs, to modern lifts and not to be forgotten, an invention that comes out of Vorarlberg, heated chairlifts