Artec snowboards team news

Artec snowboard’s pro team came into the 09 season with a ton of  momentum.  While providing consistent reports of “the best riding   snowboards ever!”  the proof was in the shredding as the team continued its progression on and off the hill.  Here’s the lowdown on  what these kids have been up to.

Nima Jalali has been at the forefront of rail progression the last couple of years and the tricks that he has pioneered are still out of reach for most pros. As if that wasn’t   enough, he decided to start an eyewear company by the name of   Ashbury, which is now taking the industry by storm.  Nima is also one of the main minds behind the new Videograss project, allowing him to apply media focus to a group that shares his taste for raw urban shredding.
Most recently Nima has spent the last two weeks touring through New York City with his girlfriend who was doing some modeling   in the area. Nima’s new board will be ropping
into stores this   September and has already been hailed by a certain industry heavy as   “Nima’s most amazing pro model yet!”.

Johhny Miller

Johnny Miller has been pumping out video parts with   Thinkthank productions for the last five years and this year’s   installment will be the one to top all others.
Johnny moved to Salt   Lake City last fall and put even more commitment into being one of   the most creative urban snowboarders on the planet. Throw in some solid backcountry spins and double backflips and Johnny’s new video   part is ready to blow the goggles right off of your head.

Gus Engle

Gus Engle made the move to Salt Lake along with Johnny   and is proud to have landed his most solid video part to date. Gus   has been a Thinkthank productions stalwart from the beginning and   this year’s video will make sure to keep all of his fans amped.  With a focus on some of the most technical switch riding that the world has seen, Gus completed a video part that will have you leaping for   the remote to hit rewind over and over again.
Gus will also be   appearing in Videograss.

Gabe Taylor

Gabe Taylor’s pro model was recently awarded a “Good   Wood” rating by Transworld Snowboarding magazine and he couldn’t   agree more. “It’s cool to hear people talk about how awesome my board   rides, I try to tell everyone but sometimes it’s best to check it our   for yourself.” In addition to being associated with one of the best snowboards on earth, Gabe managed to film with two production   companies last season. “Hot Laps”, Mammoth mountain’s debut movie   will feature Gabe, look for it in the January issue of Snowboarder   magazine. Gabe also filmed for Autumn Line productions new film “Montevideo” due out in September.