Atherton Project episode 6

Episode 6 of The Atherton Project begins with the family fitting in some much-needed relaxation back home in Wales. For Gee, this involves sitting in a wheelbarrow and being towed around at lightning speed by a quad bike, offroad. Of course.

Then it’s on to Leogang in Austria for Round Four of the World Cup, with the Athertons still on a high from Fort William. Some huge crashes from Rachel in qualifying cause her to wonder if she’s pushing that bit too hard.

Is it time for her to rethink her game plan? Meanwhile Gee’s World Cup rivalry with Greg Minnaar continues – who’s going to come out on top after Round 4?

Red Bull’s online reality TV series ‘The Atherton Project’ is a fly-on-the-wall show tracking the exploits of the most famous family in mountain bike history. Follow British riders Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton as they compete in events around the world in the 2010 season.

The man behind the camera is legendary mountain bike film maker Clay Porter. Dan, Gee and Rachel have given him unlimited access to their lives as he follows them all over the planet in the one of the craziest adventures to hit the internet.

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Photos by Sven Martin courtesy of Red Bull.