Back from Wonderland

Val di Sole World Cup part II
Were you nervously waiting for our report? Sorry, we needed one day to recover from the unbelievable experience.

The qualifications in Commezzadura didn’t really let us expect what would have happened then. Ok, one step behind, let’s make up our mind and write a short report, just to have an idea.

The four cross thrilled us until the last round, when Graves given for granted winner slipped in the second parabolic jostled by Rinderknecht, leaving him the 1st place. The women were as tough as their male mates, crowning Anneke Berteen as winner.

And the day after the final DH round suprised us with a super Marc Beaumont glued to the mega leader pillow until the end, such as Emmeline Ragot who kept Sabrina Jonnier in suspence until the last second.

Nothing more than pure adrenaline kissed by the sun for two days. Heart patients are advised not to follow the race.
The game is not over yet.

You might think “what?”: well, let’s say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Never ending bagarre, so many pissed riders, countless front flips and slips surfing on 2 spans of sand in a 1,170 mts. climb to cover in 3’20” turned the ranking upside down.

Photos: Lance & Fra