BAM! European Bicycle Adventure Meeting

Adventure Awards Days, the international festival of adventure and exploration, hosts this year in Livigno, on the 31st of July and the 1st of August, the first edition of BAM!, the european Bicycle Adventure Meeting.

A real event within the event, which for the first time in Europe is aimed at all of those who use a bicycle to travel, explore, experience small or great adventures. For all of those who have chosen the pace at a ground level, aiming at the horizon, crossing boundaries, feeling the climate with the wind on the face; for all travelers who travel around Europe, collecting kilometers, cyclists who are not afraid of the rain and snow, with an optimistic attitude and loving every slope, because eventually (sooner or later) they will win the prize of the descent.


Numerous appointments on two wheels: mechanical and photography “on the road” workshops, a collective ride to Nietzsche’s house in Engadine, “meeting on the saddle” book authors such as Francesco Ricci and Riccardo Barlaam, and a yoga lesson for bikers with Alberto Milani; meetings with great travelers, Tao’s itinerant concert and the meeting of the legendary Volkswagen Buses.

Then the BAM Party, with the 1816 beer and a barbecue, but first the Free speech contest: 5 minutes each, photos and videos in the backround (if desired), and people who will tell their two wheel stories. The most beautiful story will be rewarded with two beautiful outfits, summer and winter, offered by Pedaled.


There are many guests with which you can share your passion: Willy Mulonia, Alessandro Gallo, the english photographer and explorer Eleanor Moseman, the adventurer Danilo Callegari, Riky Felderer and Paolo Marazzi (who will present their project Smog2015) and meetings (on the saddle) with the authors Francesco Ricci and Riccardo Barlaam, published by Ediciclo.

BAM! is the first event in Italy and one of the few in Europe which aims to intercept fats- growing phenomenas such as the bike-packing, the gravel bike and the adventure bike, as well as the one of the small and big journeys.


It’s an event organized by Adventure Awards Days (Livigno, July 27th – August 2nd ) and developed in collaboration with Brooks England, Specialized and PedalEd, in partnership with Miss Grape and with the media-partnership of prestigious realities such as and Sidetracked.

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BAM! Will take place during the Adventure Awards Days, the full program of films, workshops, meetings, concerts and shows is available on the website