Band of The Month: Figure Of Six

Figure Of Six from Cesena (Italy) is a modern metal band – including keyboards and electronic elements. That this is a nice, unconcealable flourish for a hard rocking band, that have been proved by some bands in past music history.

Figure Of Six starts back in 2003, when guitarists Peter and Matteo come together to become a band. With Lucio, Lele and M-key they quickly find three fellows to complete the formation. The boys are serious: they want to work on an album professionally and travel the world.

2004 the band records the first album Step One with producer Riccardo Pasini and gets a label deal with Copro Records right away. Step One that is influenced by Nu Metal and Hardcore bands, is released in 2005 and gets positive feedback from magazines as well as radio stations in whole Europe and the USA. Metal Hammer and Rock Hard feature the band Europe-wide and even Iron Maiden Metal icon Bruce Dickinson knows what is best – he chooses several Figure Of Six songs for his Saturday prime time radio show on BBC. The one or other song stays in the BBC program and catches much attention for the band – a necessity for the newcomer band that will do a 2-week-tour through the UK, together with Panic Cell, Vert, Atomic Ants, Psylence and Losing Sun, a short time after.

The video for Go Away, single of the first album, is shot in June 2006 and registers success. The videoclip is not only broadcasted properly in their home Italy on Rock TV, but also on MTV, beyond the national boarders.

With their second album, called Aion, Figure Of Six venture a more Metalcore kind of style. It is recorded in 2007. After Tue Madsen (Dark Tranquillity, The Haunted, Sick Of It All) is called to mix the record, he becomes friends with the band. Several intern successes follow – Radar Publishing takes notice and with the help of A&R Chris Boltendahl, Aion is released on April 18th 2008 through Locomotive Records worldwide.

Once again, just like how it was with the previous album Step One, press is totally amazed – Rock Hard in Germany noticed honourably: “Technically requirement meets unaffected power and catchiness.“ (Jan Jaedike,2008).
In November 2009 the work for the third albums begins. It needs to get interrupted shortly after – singer Giacomo leaves the band.

The show must go on – the band can recover from their loss and Enrico “Erk” Scutti joins the five remaining members. That moment, Erk splits up with his former band Cheope, that is well-known in Italy. The album Downloadideas has sold over 5000 copies. With Erk on board, some new strength and lots of new ideas music-wise, Figure Of Six continue their work on the album, so in June 2010 Tue Madsen in Antfarm Studios is asked for help again.

The third album is different than the others. Coming from a Hardcore scene, Figure Of Six’ music developed over the years. Next to rough guitar riffs and the strikingly Metal voice, it is now riddled with keyboards and some electronic melodies, while the double bass is still blasting. Metal from Italy at its best: direct, loud – but catchy.

Brand New Life was recorded at Fear Studio, together with producer Tue Madsen and was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity, Mnemic…).
With an extremely fine live show the six members of Figure Of Six can convince their audiences. With more than 50 live shows in 2009 and support for Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison The Well, Dry Kill Logic, Hatesphere and Extrema as well as festival gigs throughout the years the band was able to win over a solid fanbase everywhere.

The new album Brand New Life that is released worldwide, will not only please the avowing fans, but also wants to make all the other people in the world to supporters.
According to the band, the album-titled song Brand New Life fears and uncertainties are key factors along with the awareness of being alone in having to deal with them. Finally, after a process of inner maturity, the desire for change, the sense of self-preservation wins over everything, giving us a real hope for the future.