Band of the month: If I Die Today

If I Die Today form in Mondovi (CN) in 2007. After only two months, in studio for the first time, the band begins recording the first self-titled EP, so appreciated that two italian compilations decide to extract a couple of tracks.

Since then, success and fame throughout the nation, the band goes on a short promotional tour, sharing the stage with the band This Is A Standoff (ex-Belvedere, historic American melodic hc band).

In November 2007, back to studio for the second time, they work hard until March 2008 to get their first full length ready, produced by Sin Records and distributed in Italy by Wynona Records.

This first work sales over 1000 copies, conquering critics and more and more fans. August 2009: the studio is ready to welcome them again for creating 3 new songs, on the wake that leads them there again for giving birth to the EP called You Are Alone.

The audience feedback is great, such to make them play all over Italy. This was the past, what about the present?
The new LP Liars is just out, ready for italian and european distribution, a mix of rock’n’roll, hardcore, metal and punk rock.

Last album: Liars (2010)