Bardonecchia Fiat freestyle Park in full Throttle

Cristian Filippone, the fiat freestyle snowpark boss sent us some pics from his olympic jewel. The easy line with kickers from 2 to 5 meters is ready, as well as the pro line with launch ramps from 12 to 18 meters.

Of course the jib line is almost finished with thousand new doors features: two more rail has to be put down to complete the 25 rail set that does Bardonecchia the the Italian Bear Mtn.

Last but not least, the olympic half pipe is almost ready for be shredded. Cristian wanna say a big thank you to his buddies from the doors team who keep the park always in perfect form and then shred it with style: Matteo Ferraris,Francesca Ferraris,Matteo Tuberosa and Marco Morandi.

For further infos check, the website is getting a new shape real quick.