Beat the child!

For all of you who’ll never be parents by choice, let’s play a new sssoooo satisfactory play: Beat the child.
Rules are simple: you have to knock down the most part of the children on your way, surviving angry parents trying to kill or inform against you.
You can play it at any time, just remember that during the night it’s hard to meet children on the way, especially without parents …. A simple suggestion not to waist time out.
It can get psycological benefits at the end of a hard and unlucky working day… It should be  legally prescribed, like Lexotan.
You can play it everywhere, preferably in crowdy places where you can hide or mix up, or where you can then give your clothes to unaware people passing them off as free merchandising.
Once I managed rolling a child while I was biking to work, I almost broke his shoulder! Unfortunately, I was going to slowly to let him down unconscious, and I was forced to stop and help him (even ‘cause his mum was just out of the door looking at the show), but I was so proud I had dragged him for a couple of meters hinged to the handle, that since that moment, mostly everytime I’m at the supermarket on line waiting to pay, and there’s usually the pain in the ass running up and down in front of me, crying every time the invertebrate mum threats to let the candies down or she would beat him….well, I figure it out as my personal mission to obtain points for the general score, so my foot constantly looks for the child’s shin, mostly when his forehead is turned in the direction of the cashes’ closing bar … you know, those sometimes rusty resistant iron bars.
No rules, just you and the useless small person around you.
A social response to their need to face real life and to our need of justice.