Behind… the scene, July 011

Every months Behind Magazine recommends 5 (new) albums for your playlist!

NEROARGENTO: Three Hours of Sun.
Country: Italy
Genre: crossover/alternative metal
Description: NeroArgento is a project created by multi-instrumentalist Alessio NeroArgento, and his music is a mix of grunge rock, metal and electronic music. If you’ve appreciate the modern metal of the end millenium yeah, this Three Hours of Sun is a masterpiece for you. For fans of Linkin Park and Disturbed!

HERO IN ERROR: The High Point Of New Lows
Country: Ireland
Genre: prog metal
Description: The fact that this band recently got signed to Mediaskare Records (The Ghost Inside, Hundredth, Heights…) can only mean that they’re kick-ass (which of course they are). When I first heard them, my head was exploding, cause they are sooo fast and technical. Respect for the musicians of the band, cause they did an awesome job.

Country: Italy
Genre: Screamo
Description: Brutal metal parts with melodic chorus and electro music. Impossible mix? None, is the perfect example for describe the sound of Till The Last Breath and “Apeiron”! Screamo fashion core for fans of Hopes Die Last, Haste The Day and similar.

FRANKESTEIN: Rappin’Ass Nigga
Country: USA
Genre: Rap
Description: 17 years and amazing style. This kid got talent. He has a sweet flow and some well thought lyrics full of smart wordplay and all this over nice (sometimes oldschool) beats. The cover might remind you a bit of Odd Future and the comparison has been made countless times but i feel like they don’t have that much in common except the fact they do it all by themselves and don’t give a fuck about the rest + they’re young and rap.

SIX POINT LEAD: General Anaesthesia
Country: Italy
Genre: Melodic death metal
Description: Swedish death metal from… Italy! Four tracks of great impact where At The Gates and Soilwork reign supreme. For the future will need to work on personality, for have a personal sound. But no problem, in this moment the potential is there and that’s what really matters!