Behind the Shot: Second Story Drops

Red Bull Illume’s photographer Jonathan Mehring teamed up with legendary skater Aaron “Jaws” Homoki on this one while on the road in Boise, Idaho. And the story is a classic; skater and photographer team up, look for a spot, hit the spot, walk away with a banger. Read the story behind this steezy shot below!

“There is nothing like looking for spots with Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki. If skaters view the world differently than everyone else, then Jaws views it differently from nearly every skater as well.”

“The whole crew was in the van looking out the windows for spots. Jaws was in there too, but instead of looking at street level, he was looking up! He’s always on the lookout for a second story drop spot – his specialty. This one, in Boise, Idaho while on tour with the Tumyeto crew, was no different.”

“There was a shout from the back of the van: “Guys, guys! A second story drop!” We lurched to a halt and everyone looked around for the spot. After a few seconds we realized what he was talking about. He ran up to check it out and it was perfect. No cracks or rough ground impeding his runway.”

“After making sure the filmer and I had our angles set and our cameras ready he went for it, not wanting to try anymore times than necessary. The impact could be felt with each attempt and I kept wondering how many tries he could take. Luckily after five or six attempts he rolled away clean and we were on our way.”

Photographer: Jonathan Mehring Red Bull Illume 2016 Category: Wings Athlete: Aaron Jaws Homoki Location: Boise, Idaho, USA

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