Behind… the shene, February 011

Every months Behind Magazine recommends 5 (new) albums for your playlist!

STIGMA: The Undertaker EP
Country: Italy
Genre: metalcore
Description: The best Italian horror band returns with another brutal album. Special guest Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) and Mick Kenney (Anaal Nathrakh)… Welcome to hell!
For fans of: Bleeding Through, The Black Dahlia Murder, Viatrophy
The song: 1,2,3,4 Dead!

Country: UK
Genre: math-soft-core
Description: The new era of one of the most talented bands of Europe: beautiful rock melodies with the power of the early. Talent and the future of the metal are being held in this wonderful album.
For fans of: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Bring Me The Horizon
The song: Day In Day Out

A DAY TO REMEMBER: What separates me from you
Country: Canada
Genre: happy-core?! Yeah this is it!
Descritpion: Years and years to play music for college party and now? Now this guys are ready to impress everyone with mature sound and incredible hit!
For fans of: Quicksand, Blink 182, Killswitch Engage
The song: All I Want

Country: Italy
Genre: pop-punk
Description: Blink-182 and the new generation of punk rock bands have influenced this young artists. Obvious, this Raggi Ultraviolenti are not the new era of punk, but no problem, if you want 15/20 minutes of adrenalin and shine music probably this EP is perfect for you!
For fans of: Blink-182, and Italian 90s punk rock scene (Punkreas, Pornoriviste…)
The song: Clitoride

FABRI FIBRA: Controcultura
Country: Italy
Genre: hip-hop
Description: Ok dudes, Controcultura is out in December, but for me is the best album in the discography of this MC. Sharp words and irony are the best things of Fabri Fibra, a modern phenomenon in a country of the living dead and political failures.
For fans of: Fabri Fibra
The song: Tranne te