Big in Bavaria Vol. II highlight clips

Martin Soderstrom (SWE), Sam Pilgrim (GBR), Yannick Granieri (FRA) and Benny Korthaus (GER) were were on top of the game at the BIG IN BAVARIA VOL. II dirt jump comp hosted by Munich’s BIKE EXPO trade show. The official video clip is now online and features all mountain bike highlights: or

To get the BMX action of riders like Dane Searls (AUS), Ben Hennon (GBR), Markus Hampl (GER), Ricardo Laguna (USA), Patrick Guimez (FRA), Dusan Antalík (SLO) or Bob Manchester (GBR), please check as well or

Get an impression of the numerous high class mountain bike tricks like Martin Soderstrom’s 360 double tailwhips and Bienvenido Alba’s front flip from the starting tower step down, as well as Sam Pilgrim’s 360 x-ups and backflip nohanders. Yannick Granieri’s inverted 360s, Backflips and Flipwhips are worth a look just as much.

The best runs of the Top 3 BIG IN BAVARIA riders are also featured in the highlights clip. Some additional statements of the winners make it the perfect short edit for everybody, who wasn’t able to see the live stream on

The BMX riders rocked the BIG IN BAVARIA Vol.II line, too. Must sees are Dane Searls 360 superman seatgrap indian air or a super nice downside whip to tailwhip, Ben Hennon’s 360 turndown to tailwhip or flip lookdowns and double tailwhips, Markus Hampl’s opposite 360 combos, flipwhips and 360 super seaters.

The best runs of the Top 3 BIG IN BAVARIA Vol.II riders are featured in complete, as well as short interviews that round up the clips. Get the whole action on

Take a look to see how the riders managed to show some big hitters, apart from the fact that two out of four competition days were rained out. But the pros rocked the 150 meters long dirt line anyway.