Bikepark Livigno: Pilgrim, Granieri and Reynolds getting ready for the Red Bull District Ride

Livigno (ITA), September, 7th , 2011 – Three of Europe’s best slopestyle athletes, Sam Pilgrim (UK), Yannick Granieri (FRA) and Sam Reynolds (UK), all of them pa rticipating in the Red Bull District Ride, took advantage of a few days off after the Eurobike to prepare for the biggest mountain bike event in the world. The bike paradise Livigno is the perfect spot for that, providing a good balance between training camp and a spot to relax.  A clip of them preparing for the District Ride in Livigno is up on YouTube.


Participating in the Red Bull District Ride isn’t exactly a walk in the park for any rider. It means being in the best shape possible – mentally and physically. The Mottolino bike park in Livigno is considered one of Europe’s best locations. The British top riders Sam Pilgrim and Sam Reynolds, as well as the number one French rider Yannick Granieri wanted to see for themselves and did their preparations in the picturesque Village in Alta-Valtellina, Italy.

In the Kona bike park in Livigno, the three Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour riders could fine-tune their skills on the numerous trails, as well as practice their tricks. The Swatch Air Cushion, one of the main attractions of the Mottolino Bikepark, is an excellent simulation obstacle for perfecting the riders’ repertoire of tricks und trying new combinations in the air. A double backflip, for example, can be tried as long as it takes to stand it.

Pilgrim, Granieri and Reynolds clearly had a lot of fun doing the craziest tricks without any risk of getting injured: “I feel like a fish in the water in here and didn’t want to get off the Air Cushion. On the one hand this cushion lets you try almost every trick you can come up with: the perfect training. On the other hand, it’s simply great fun”, comments current third placed FMB World Tour Rider Sam Pilgrim.

On the trails of the Mottolino Fun Mountain, the three dirt giants found everything from easy- going and flowing single trails like the Easyline and Flowline to technically demanding downhill trails. The riders especially loved the “Chemical Water” trail, the perfect mix between riding fun and technical training.

Of course, preparing for the bigge st FMB World Tour event of the season is not all about riding. It is also about getting ready mentally and relax to be able to focus on the big season’s final. And Livigno is the right spot for that, too.

This peaceful mountain village, situated in the scenic landscape of the Alps at 1816 meters above sea level is a tax free zone, making it the perfect shopping Mecca. With almost 300 shops, Yannick and both Sams didn’t have any second of boredom.

During a trip to the wellness- and spa-centre, the athletes could switch off and relax completely to regenerate their bodies that have to suffer constant performance at the highest level and the occasional crash.

Well relaxed and prepared perfectly, Sam, Yannick and Sam make their way to Nuremberg on Thursday for the event of the year. The trip to the Mottolino Bikepark Livigno was definitely worth a journey, explains Yannick Granieri: “That was for sure the right program for us in here. A little riding in this great bike park, a little bit of trick training on the Air Cushion, and last but not least lots of fun. All that can be a deciding advantage for riding the District Ride. Livigno is an ideal training camp!”

General Information about the bike destination Livigno:
Livigno is famous for a great range of winter sport activities and its breathtaking nature earning it the nickname “Little Tibet”. Its unique mountain scenery is also perfect for a variety of biking sports in summer. The spectrum of trails around Livigno features something for everyone: cross-country, all mountain and downhill riders can choose the perfect sportive challenges. Road cycling athletes also choose Livigno for altitude training (1816 m a.s.l.) and a total of 3,200 km of mapped trails and GPS-tracks can be discovered in the surrounding area. The Swatch Bikepark Livigno Mottolino is not only well-known among the gravity sport fans because of the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in 2005, but also for a large range of different freeride tracks. Down in the valley, the town centre of Livigno offers 250 tax-free shops. Located right in the heart of Europe, Livigno can easily be reached by car or train and bike hotels provide individual services for all bike fans and vacationers.