Birth of Icons

My dad always doodled and he kept a pad on his desk.

One day he drew the stripe he wanted for our shoes and went to our patent guy, an old cobbler from boston, and showed it to him.

He called it to the jazz stripe and they liked it so he put it on the old skool, style 36. That was our first skate shoe that had leather on it and first came out in 77.”-steve van doren on the birth of the vans sidestripe.

Vans: Off the Wall by Doug Palladini tells the story of the community of action sports legends, musicians, artists and trendsetters that helped to define laid back California style as we know it.

This personal, insider account features oral histories from Vans originals including Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, John Cardiel, Shaun Palmer and Joel Tudor and stunning images from CR Stecyk, R. Grant Brittain, Art Brewer, Trevor Graves and many more renowned photographers.

This first run, 2009 edition 9″ by 9 3/4″ hardcover bound book is 208 pages and includes 365 full color llustrations.