Blast distribution 2010 team

Blast distribution was born in 2005 in Italy to push the poor National skateboarding scene. 5 years later Blast is one of the most active skateboarding related venture in Italy. They already released the official 2010 team list, filled with the crème of Italian skating population.

Mauro Caruso rides for Cliché, Luca Crestani is on Blueprint, Carlo Cassan is on Antiz e Marco Lambertucci on Blind and Blast! All those guys rides in their relative international Flow Team . Mattia Turco and Ale Cesana reprezent the Italian FVTVRA Skateboards.

Marco Giordano skates on enjoi boards, Daniele Galli as we already told ya is on Almost and finally Ivan Inglese in on Darkstar. For further info about Blast squad surf the Blast! Krew blog.