Blast The Big One

Summer is gearing up and Quiksilver along with Blast! Distribution and Burn Energy Drink present BLAST! THE BIG ONE: a unique event never happened before in Italy, that will take place on june 12 at Society Skate Plaza in Seregno (Milan), where all different styles of skating will be mixed up in a fresh contest format.

The location choosen for the event is a typical skate plaza with all sort of stuff for street skating: handrails, stairs, curbs, a bowl and some gaps. The Big One is the biggest gap in the plaza with three big steps and a flowerbed on the last one; with an almost 2 meters height and again 2 meters of lenght, the big one is the proving ground for pros visitin’ the spot and hardcore local skaters.

The contest format is quite peculiar: not only a gap session, ’cause skaters, divided in six rider heats, will skate the plaza for 30 minutes shared like this: the first ten skating the whole plaza but the gap, the other 20 minutes tryin’ to nai their best trick on the big one.  The three best trick and the best skatin’ on the whole plaza will be judged and awarded with the Enjoy the plaza title.

At the end of the first comp, another 30 minutes jam session in the bean shaped pool will ordain the Burn Expression Session winner.

The best tricks and the raddest line will be awarded with a trick for cash prize, where the prize is directly proportioned to the trick nailed.

Only 30 skaters will enter the contest: 25 of them already invited by the organization, while the other 5 left selected after subscription on at skaters page. The 5 only spots avaible will be carefully selected from the subscribed who also gotta send choose me clip sent at

The 30 skaters group will be selected following some rigid rules:

15 skaters from the C.I.S. 2009 chart from Street Senior category
10 skaters invited by the organization through wild card.
5 skaters selected from the subscribed at

At the very end we will move all to the Honky Tonk Club to get some party with live music, dj set, some drinks and the best trick projection.

For all other infos get on