Blast the Border Tour 2011 // Sailing West

Rocking since 2009 Blast! the Border is a skateboard Tour that bring the Blast team ’till the country boundaries to skate the finest spots abroad.
After Slovenia tour in 2009 and Switzerland in 2010, the thirs edition will see the dudes to step over the French borders.

Blast! the Border Tour will take off on september 19 and with Imperia city as hq, the guys will skate Ventimiglia, San Remo, Mentone(F), Montecarlo(MC) and Nice(F): a week of travelling and skating that will end on september 24 with a Blast! Session at the Firewall Skatepark in collaboration with local skate-shop Mare Sport.

The crew of skaters include Marco Lambertucci, Mauro Caruso, Carlo Cassan, Fabio Colombo, Luca Crestani and Marco Balestreri.

Davide Biondani will be the official photographer so expect to see a complete feature on a brief glance skateboard magazine and Addicted to Skateboarding zine will post the official tour videoclip…so keep chekin’ em!

The Blast! the Border  is a 2.0 tour, so it will be possible to keep in touch with the crew through the major social netword and microblogging stuff: 

Twitter : (#Bordertour11)