Blickinsfreie’s Sleeping Giants

Sleeping giants presented by Ripzone Europe is the newest episode of Blickinsfreie´s snowboard documentaries and at the same time the world´s first snowboard movie financed by crowdfunding.

It happened more or less on accident when René Eckert decided to create a new snowboard documentary in 2011. With the unique chance to visit China, Eckert decided to use that opportunity to realize Blickinsfreie´s new masterstroke.

The documentary focuses on the passion driven Chinese shredders and the key role of the Nanshan Open snowboard competition which has driven the young Chinese scene to become one of the most progressive out there.

Besides Chinese top stars like Wang Lei or He Wei, legends as Travis Parker or Risto Mattila are joining shooting stars Nils Arvidsson, Marc Swoboda or Werni Stock to give a deep insight into the snowboard culture of the Far East.

Like in the last years, the movie will be premiered during a world – wide premiere tour kicking off in October 2011 in Beijing (China) followed by the release of the movie as High Definition download around Christmas 2011.

Those ones of you that always wanted to know how subcultures like snowboarding develop in a world where Facebook or Myspace is banned, should make sure to visit one of the premiere stops or get the movie as HIGH DEFINITION DOWNLOAD around Christmas 2011.

Since this movie project got just partly funded by sponsoring, Blickinsfreie is aiming to fund the lack of budget in post-production by innovative crowdfunding.

People that appreciate this project have the opportunity to support the post-production through the different donation options on the left hand side of this website. Unique rewards like HIGH DEFINITION DOWNLOADS to ASSOCIATE PRODUCER STATUS or YOUR LOGO IN THE MOVIE are waiting to be given to the backers.

Facebook fans will also be rewarded with free access to one of our movies. So don´t wait and become a fan on Facebook here.

A big thanks goes out to all people in China for making this project a reality. Special thanks to Steve Zdarsky and his crew for the local support!