Bmx, beer, love, fantasy and grilled meat.

Bored? No more wishes to go out?Always the same things to do and the same company? Don’t loose your liveliness, nobody would like you anymore, your depression would go deeper and no advantage would come from it.
Make a good choice, take a chance to enlarge your friendships, your bmx know-how  and your stomach. We give you 2 possibilities.

The first: Hot Bmx Summer Jam in Soncino (Cremona – Italy-), June 21, Boneless Park, jam from 3 p.m.and “Bugs bunny hop contest”. Guest star of the night: the grill. Info

The second: Arezzo bmx jam – Best Trick, in Arezzo –Italy-. June 28 , Habitat Skatepark, from 2 p.m. , probably the most stylish jumpbox in Italy, dj-set all night long. Guest star of the event: the grill … and the beer. Info

So, what to wish more? All of you’d better come, or our secret police will come to find you at home in the middle of the night, will destroy your bike and make you ride a racing cycle untill you’ll cry, you’ll get crazy and tear off all your hair, and you’ll implore simpathy for your life. You are warned.