Bonnie and Clyde rides, too

Breathin’ snowboarding since mid nineties, I had the occasion to know so many people: pros, journalists, enterprisers, team managers and every kind of charachter that could live with snowboarding. But I hardly met someone who really amazed me and make me think that snowboarding could not be absolutely considered fucked up because of the shitheads that move its engine. In january ’09 I went to Bardonecchia and and filmed some trick with the local snowpark guys. They were like 5 or 6 guys and only a girl who dared like her male colleagues, and then there was this guy who ran away from my camera lens instead of getting amped from it, like the 90% of the riders usally does.
Those two peculiar characters intrigued me at the point I had to know more about ’em. Later I learnt they’re lover, graduated and really modest people who love snowboarding in its primitive form and principles: so if you’re too narrow headed to deal with those mature people topics, please google search for one of the billions webzine that talk about boozes and trends.
They asked me it could be a nice idea to self-interview each other, so I gave ’em the mic and this is what came out…

Pics by Alberto Maiorano and Mike Pireddu.
Tia is for Mattia Bonaguro, Heidi is for Cristina Tuberosa.

TIA: I met you in a really difficult period, right after a triple humerus injury, then I saw you getting back stronger than ever; what did change since then?
HEIDI: Probably everything and nothing at the same time. I’m the same girl who want everything right now and doesn’t fear nothing..well almost. The injury made me get counscious of my limits, to evaluate better the risks, but also what I really wanted and how much I was ready to give for it.

TIA: Many peoples still think womans should not be into snowboarding, what do you think about it?
HEIDI: frequent asked question; I think in 2009 – expecially abroad – the difference between female riders and male riders is a pure physical gap; the rest is the old sexual discrimination. But things are changing, thanks to the many girl involved and high skilled now.

TIA: In your life you were able to combine your school career with your snowboard passion, often self financing your things; what should happened if you got a sponsor who helped you since the beginning?
HEIDI: I can’t hide my dream was to become a professional rider. Unfortunately it didn’t happen. Didn’t know if I wasn’t skilled enough or because of wrong choices back then..but this is life! Anyway I’m proud of my progresses, and the occasion to enter exciting contests like Roxy Chicken Jam and Nikita Chickita. All that thanks to my sponsor who’re believing in me: Nikita and Doors.

TIA: Family, love, studies and work; how can you deal with all those things?
HEIDI: It’s really hard, and it’s getting even harder now that I started my master at ESCP-EAP. Time is never enough, so the energies, but I’m doing at my best and try to find some time to get on board.

TIA: I appraise you as a woman and as human being dispite your difficult character; you already know I’m the only man that can stand you, do you?
HEIDI: I already know, but you know how to approach me. you’re the only one who could stand me, but on the other hand is it true that I’m the only girl who could stand your hermiting nature, isn’t it?

HEIDI: tell me why people consider you and hermit and hate you as they know you for the first time, then change idea as they know what there’s behind?
TIA: personal question…I think ’cause I unconsciously want things go like this..’cause I don’t want people realize who I am at firt glance; if they’re really interested in me they gotta go trough and know me. Almost all my current friends were bummers to my eyes at first, then I knew them better and things changed. I’m not and hermit but I like doin’ my own business. Snowboarding is full of people who think to be cool, I prefer to keep a low profile and learn from everyone I meet…then many people aren’t so interesting, so it’s only a time loss..


HEIDI: you’re graduated in motory science and you’re becoming a snowboard coach. What are your future plans?
TIA:Degree and Coaching are fundamental steps to reach my goals. I’d like to become an ostheopathist and teach ostheopathy, collecting experience both in Italy and abroad. I’d like to work with kids and teach them an healthy culture based on respect and health. I can’t hide my desire is to become a National Snowboard Coach and develope the freestyle and park side ’cause it’s the future to me. have many kids, a lodge you can reach only with the sled, see the world, don’t loose friends and their respect, contiune to be loved and…become a good golf player ah ah..

HEIDI: your snowboard perspective is really different and personal, against the avereage one..What is snowboarding for you? Contest, Shooting, Sponsors…
TIA: My growth as snowboarder is really peculiar..the fact I’m doin’ this interview is really strange to me..I love riding with my friends..snowboarding to me is basically fun, but now is becoming a pivot in my life and means getting done my goals and becoming a better rider and person…I gotta say thanks to Cristian from Doors who believed in me, to Johnny and DDP who push a different snowboarding, to Matteo Ferraris for the ispiration, to Maio that stands me daily, to Tube (Heidi brother) ’cause he must stand me, to Irma, Carretto, Martona, Matte, Alba and all the Bardo guys that are my family here, to Marco and Gabry from Backdoor shop that saw my growth, to Matte SF, to Kime and the 011 problematic crew, to Ele “youyou”, to HG from Turin, to Scienza ’cause he exists, to the coach course guys to make me understand so many things, to Gherry and Prato Nevoso, to the whole Doors Team, to my family ’cause they’re always there for me and to you Cri (Heidi) to make me understand there are many tones and not only black and white…I know it’s not the shouts corner but why put ’em always in the bottom?


HEIDI: we usually accord on everythig, but there is that subject that make us argue…
TIA: snowboarding…no more now, probably ’cause we see snowboarding with the same eyes and it’s awesome, ’cause I have so much fun…thaks!

HEIDI: What is important in your life? Your values? Which are the things you can’t deal with?
TIA: The necessary is you, my family, my friends, snowboarding and respect. I can’t deal with ignorance, I can’t stand people who believe to be successful,  you never stop to learn..