Brian Hunt rides TSG

Brian Hunt, 25, is a New England ramp, street and dirt rider that always seems to have a smile on his face. It’s probably because he is just having so much fun all of the time and not taking it too serious.

Hunt’s riding is burly, stylish and technical. A local at Rye Airfiled, he loves being on his bike, enjoys learning new things, riding new spots or just flowing all day. Ending it all up with a dish of ice cream.

Brian hails from Rye, New Hampshire and has been riding BMX since he was 12 years old.
Being an excellent addition the TSG bmx pro team, Brian Hunt joins Ricardo Laguna and the European crew of Alessandro Barbero, Patrick Guimez and Markus Hampl.

“TSG is excited to announce that US BMX rider and nice guy Brian Hunt, has agreed to become a brand ambassador and icon for TSG protection.”

Photo: Lance, FISE 2010 – Montpellier.