Brofiles: the first issue with Marco Comisi

Do you think snowboarding, or biking, or again skating, is made for the most by the 3000 elitarian pros that blow your minds with the latest tricks or way more with the million weekend warriors who struggle against recession to reach the mountains every weekend and learn that fuckin’ trick a month?

We thought that was equally important to know what an average joe rider and the sickest paid professional thinks, do and likes.
So we’re starting this new thing called Bro-Files where we pic the coolest people we know who love a certain disciple and improve while living a normal life made of  365 days work, no exotic travels, wifes, sons and all sort of thing that paint the average dude life.

Marco is the nicest guy you could met. He gives so much to the people who surround him like he gives so much to snowboarding. I met him several years ago when I was designing and taking care of the team for a small snowboard company called AMBIENT Mfg. I received this sponsor me video that smelled of love for snowboarding, so I immediately called him back. Not so much time later we met on an appennine resort to value his skills and, as he took the way home, he was already on board.
A couple years later the company went upside down but he kept calling or writing me once in a while. Recently I knew he was riding for a new small company with the same love he spread for AMBIENT, but his love is shared the most between his wife and his almost two sons.
If there’s a person who truly deserve a brofile, this person is Marco, fo’ sho’!

Hey man, how’s goin’?
real good man, amped as ever…you too?

I was thinkin’ about the way we met back, how many years ago? I remember it was AM snowboard fault.
Can’t remember me, too. You (Ross) were AM snowboard team manager and designer and Ambient Mfg project was just started. The boards were awesome, jibbing was taking over and MFM was the king, but Scotty Whittlake was the real man. We were so snowboard addicted and on the same wavelenght about almost everything..

So many things changed since then. You came down on this Appenines resort called Cimone to ride with us and sign with Ambient. It was shit weather and we ridden almost nothing, but we cruised almost every lodge in the resort. What was you thinking as you took your way home that day? Also Turbo came with us..
Yeah, I remember exactly every second of that day. Turbo is a real beer champion and and a cabaret chief. We ride zero and drank a lot, and as I switched on the car and took the autoroute I thought you and Turbo was the best couple ever…(laugh)

Which is the main difference – in your advice – from South Tirol riders and you coming from Liguria, a California-like land with mountains an hour far and the shoes soaked in the salty water of the beach?
Los Angeles guys has Bear Mtn and Snow Summit 2 hours far, we got Prato Nevoso, Frabosa and Artesina. South Tirolers are phisically stronger and ride big on jumps and pipes, we’re more smooth, jib oriented. We both love powder and in South Tirol they got lots of snow, but as on our mountains snow, it dumps 3 meters in a single night.
Personally I love jibs and pipe and I’m a bodyboarder, so I go when a surfer comes out ‘cause the wave closes out.

You were one of the biggest supporter of our Ambient Project. What do you remember of that period?
You were into computer graphic and I was into pipe riding, a real positive experience..then we became friends.

Now you ride for another small company named Hostile Snowboards. Seems you like to keep in touch with your sponsor real close..
I ride for Hostile since 2005, me and Andrea (Hostile Boss) meet almost every day and try to organize events, test and photoshooting to keep the team tight. Hostile is a special thing to me, everyone involved has his peculiarities, we’re all supereasy and try always to have fun, but we search to reach perfection through research. I also ride fot Limar, Wild Shoes, I Love Cartella clothing.

Another big switch in your life is the coming of your second son. How it is to become father?
There’s no words to describe the joy of walkin’ hand in hand with a small clone of you.

Talk us about your honey moon, that I envyed you so much…
An awesome trip: the most famous California resorts. Boreal, Kirkwood, Northstar, Heavenly, June, Mammoth, Bear and Snow Summit. Next trip: Japan with Andrea, my boss, in seach of the holy jibber.

Which are the things we can’t miss when gettin’ in Genova?
Acquarium, alleys, Harbour, Boccadasse, Nervi, Camogli, Genoa Soccer matches and the beach.

And things we can’t miss to eat?
Focaccia, simple and with onions, Recco cheese focaccia and trofie with pesto.
Hi Ross.