Burn welcomes RUNE GLIFBERG to the Team!

Burn Energy Drink announce that Rune Glifberg will spearhead the new Burn Skateboard program.
Universally recognised as one of the true legends of the sport and one of the most stylish and progressive skaters on the planet, Danish skater Rune Glifberg will be bringing his skills and experience to Burn’s new skate program, as team founder and mentor.

Burn Skate Team Manager Pete King said “The concept behind the Burn skate program is to support European skateboarding in new and progressive ways. We’re building a strong European team that will be steering the direction of our involvement in skateboarding, and we are looking at ways Burn can bring something new to the table. We’re stoked to have the Danish destroyer Rune Glifberg on board, and we’re looking forward to getting things moving with the rest of the Burn team this summer.”

“Adding Burn Energy to my list of sponsors is an honor and a privilege. It opens up new doors and opportunities for my career, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join the Burn Energy skateboard team.”


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