Butter Knife 13: Don’t startle the bear

Now I’m quite sure: Casey Wrightsman is the new Mikee HK! Some season ago there was this Canadian guy (Mikee HK) and his website crapneto who was bringin’ us the most of the fun from snowboarding.

Now that he chased another career, and his place has been token by good ol’ Casey and Knifeshow Inc.
We’re following him since a long time now and as he started the Butter Knife series (well, a bit later to be honest) we felt we owed him a tribute.


Because we filmed this at Bear Mountain, this episode of Butter Knife teaches some valuable lessons in bear safety.

Plus, it features riding from Casey Wrightsman, Pat Garvin, and Brendon Krainer, as well as some random shots of our friends. Oh, and we put a skier in this time. Just because.