The Byrrrh & Skate Project

Levi’s Skateboarding proudly presents: ‘The Byrrrh & Skate Project’, a local DIY skate build in an old factory close to Gare du Midi, Brussels, designed and constructed by Youssef Abaoud; a local skater from Dour, Belgium.

The park opened last weekend with an international event that saw riders from all over Europe including Tim Zom, Kevin Tshala, Nick Steenbeke and Younnes Amrani, with Alessandro Cesario and Nikolai Danov, recently selected as Levi’s brand ambassadors.

First started 3 years ago, following the closure of the infamous Roller Park in Anderlecht, Belgium, skateboarders were left with nowhere to go when the weather turned bleak. Trying to find an empty, sheltered spaced space without security guards was tough, and skateboarders were shunned everywhere they went. Because of this, Youssef started collecting scraps of wood, waste materials as well as old skate ramps and built a number of pop up DIY ramps in old abandoned buildings to enable him and his friends to skate during the winter months.

This was around the time that local skateboarders found themselves having to build places outside of the city so that they wouldn’t get caught by the local authorities. Not long after the Roller Park closed, some skateboarders built a DIY spot under a motorway with cement which was a cool idea but was hard to skate and even harder to get to if you didn’t drive. Throughout this time there were also lots of DIY attempts around the city where local skateboarders would assemble miniramps in their favourite spots but you had to know the right people, in the right space, at the right time to drop in.

Photos: Al_Bo