C1RCA Artist Series SS18

For the next Season SS18, C1RCA involved 4 International Artists in the development of the new upcoming apparel line, to summarize the symbiotic relationship between skate and art.

Those Artists, have a very different artistic background: Daniele Tozzi, has deep roots into lettering and calligram, Mr Klevra has an attitude for Byzantine iconography, V3RBO has a passion for computer graphics, animation and electornic experimentation, MHELL is a classic writer, still in love with big walls and big sized illustrations.

Every Artist was asked, first of all, to review the historical C1RCA logo following his own artistic inspiration.
What came out has been a series of magnificent logos, even better than the original one.

After, the Artists were set free to transpose their art on tees and sweaters, keeping a link with the skate mood.
The result is the first – ever C1RCA Apparel artist line, which will be available in stores from February 2018.